Sunday, December 9, 2012

Stolen Cheer?

Growing up I was always told that copying is a form of flattery. As I've gotten older, and wiser, I tend to agree with that statement more and more.

At Thanksgiving this year, my sister-in-law told me her cool idea of making a wreath out of peppermint candies. I told her I thought that was cool. And that was that. Or so she thought.

I just couldn't let the idea go.... She had the BEST idea, and I needed to try it. now.

...So a week later I did.

This tutorial is brought to you on behalf of the artistic genius of Sarah. (Yeah, yeah. She probably found the idea from the depths of the internet or a magazine...)

Paper Ribbon
Hot glue gun
peppermint candies (I used about two bags of red and one of green)
1 (10oz) bag cherry sours
Ribbon for hanging

My total cost: $10
Total time: 1hr

The cheapest wreath I could find was a stick wreath like this:

After about ten minutes of wrapping paper ribbon around it, it looked better than I thought and I was on to hot gluing. I started with a pattern, and I got off course a few times, but overall I think it was a huge success. The Cherry sours help to fill any gaps, and add a nice finishing touch.
I did get a little over excited and picked up the wreath before it was fully dry and lost some cherry sours. I think I've retrieved them all, but I might have a fun surprise when I do the annual "clean behind the furniture" sweep.

The finished product is now hanging in my living room. I debated putting it on my front door, but as nothing is covering the candy, I didn't need wild animals, rodents, or hobos licking my front door. I think this brings quite a bit of Christmas cheer to my home, and sure makes me smile. Thanks, Sarah!

Monday, October 15, 2012

"Now why didn't I think of that?"

Prepare to have your minds blown. 

It’s no question that The Magic Bullet seems like a pretty handy gadget.  Who doesn’t want a cheese quesadilla, pea soup, and homemade salsa in less than ten seconds? (Yes, I just watched the infomercial for that information.)

Now what would you say if I found an in-home equivalent to that magic gadget that involves one of my favorite things and it's free?!? If you’re anything like me, you might just jump for joy! 

Well friends, I was told last week that you can use Mason Jars on your blender.  Think that’s a sack of bologna? I did too, until I tried it!
I made a smoothie this morning just to show you how truly magical this is:

despite the fact that this looks like milk and eggs, it's just milk and peaches. Though, scrambled eggs might be a good idea next time!


A smoothie in less than ten seconds. BAM.

I call it Frugal Functionality. I’m in love.Who wants smoothies for dinner?

Friday, June 22, 2012

What gets me through my day

What did the Confucius guy say? "Choose a job you love and you;'ll never have to work a day in your life." That is all great in theory, but how many people do you know that have been able to accomplish this? In my 24 years I have yet to meet one. (Maybe my brother, Rob?...nah, doubt it, it's still work.) I hope that changes someday, but until then I am learning how to master the art of enjoying what you have and finding that though life isn't fair, it can be quite rewarding.

A coworker sent me an article today about  how to have some fun at work which leaders to a happier and more productive self. I've embraced many of these tactics at work to help minimize stress and keep my personality, but I also find that having things to look at helps me realize there is something greater. I work to live, not live to work. Maybe one day the two will be the same and I will be one of those few. A girl can dream, right?

Sunday, June 17, 2012


In honor of Father's day, this post is for the best editor I know. The man who shook his head at many of my school papers yet helped edit them nonetheless. The man who was my dictionary till I learned what one was (and was forced to use it.) Thanks for being my spellchecker, thesaurus, dictionary, and most importantly, father. I love you, Dad!

What I found in  our local paper:

I wonder if the editor has a college degree...? Maybe from JMU?
(My grammar is terrible, so I give myself points for finding this one.)

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Potty Humor

Anyone that knows my family knows that we're not shy when it comes to toilet talk and potty humor. My parents usually shake their heads as my brother and I talk our schedules at the dinner table, and the Bristol Stool Scale is discussed in depth. I've been referred to several times which might just draw the line for me. Most people grow out of potty talk when they grow older. I'm just going to take this as a sign that's I'm never gonna grow up.

I never quite figured out where this comfortability came from until quite recently. While cleaning my room, I came across a family gem tucked nicely on my nightstand. A gift from my Grandfather, a master carpenter if I do say so myself. He made this beautiful piece of art and gave it to me when I was around fifteen.
What is it you ask? Well, is't a Whiskey and shot glass holder! Classy stuff!

The shot glass goes on this side:

Check out the intricate details and appropriately misspelled words!
Some quotations not pictured: "Save paper, use both sides." " Post No Bills" 

And the Whiskey bottle on this side:
"Old Peak Hole. Five cents a peak."
"If I could spell I wood not be sitting hear wrighting on this wall."
I think this is a fine piece of craftsmanship that will passed down for generations in my family. Someday I might just get around to putting a bottle and glass in there. Thanks Pop!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Hidden Mickey

I live alone. Apparently I am part of "the biggest social change of the last 50 or 60 years that we have failed to name or identify."* In other words, I have joined the 31 million other people in this world that live alone. Man, I feel like I am part of a special club. Sorry Stephen, you're not one of the 31 million people invited. And now that the world knows I live alone, I hope they choose to rob the other 30999999 before me.
I find that when one lives alone, there is a certain amount of control. It may come with more responsibility, and more bills to pay, but it's nice to hog the washer and dryer all weekend, it's nice to have pictures of people you know hanging on your walls, and it's nice to walk around in your underwear every once in a while. (My Mom is so proud.)

Every now and again I have visitors. Sometimes they even visit when I'm not home. I like being a "home away from home" for family. (I must really love them, huh?) Most of the time, I am warned of their impending arrival.

People who live alone have a sort of spider sense and know of visitors even in those rare occasions they are not forewarned. It might be a simple picture slightly crooked on the wall, a McDonald's french fry, or a smelly diaper in the trash. More subtly, it might be a pillow moved from one couch to the other or a sharper left out on your desk.

Sometimes I make it a game for myself to find what is out of place. My Nephew makes it pretty easy, and sometimes he likes to bring a little humor into it. He's never been to Disney World, but already knows how to play one of my favorite games, "Can you find the hidden Mickey?"

I love when my family visits, and I love the prizes they leave me. Living alone is great.


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Family Spam

In this day and age, it's not uncommon to get hundreds of spam emails a day, or get the occasional Farmville requests from your "friends" on Facebook. I'm used to the Nigerian prince asking for my credit card information, and Virginia Blood services begging me like a starving vampire. But there is a point when spam has crossed the line...

thanks, Mom.