Wednesday, December 3, 2008

How to clean your car

College is crazy and drunken festivities are inevitable. Let's face it, their the social norm for college kids in their young twenties. I love the drunken festivities. No, I don't usually partake in the drinking, I'm that person that has a blast watching the drunk people and then ends up driving them home.
Well, two weeks ago started off just like any other college party but ended up with my car looking and smelling like beer, spinach, onions, and stomach acid. Yes, I drove a friend home and he vomited in the front seat of my car.
A few days, lots of cleaning supplies, paper towels, and Q-tips later, my car was clean. "Then what's the big deal you ask?" Well, the car may have been clean, but the smell was pungent and not fading, AT ALL.
You'd be surprised how hard it is to find good ideas on the internet for eliminating vomit odors in your car. This type of thing has to happen often, especially to college kids, why can't someone take the time to let me know how to fix it? My favorite response I found was: "Have a Great Dane shit in your car, your vomit will be masked forever!"
Anywho, I tried all the things I found: baking soda, carpet cleaner, febreeze, and vinegar.
After all that you ask, "Is the smell gone?" Well, YES, yes it is!
So, for all those people searching on the internet for an answer as to how to get rid of the odor of your friends stomach out of your car, let me share my experience so that you too may have a positive outcome!

First and foremost, clean out the vomit, chunks and all. Clean the fabric. Use resolve, not febreeze, resolve will pull the vomit out of the carpet. Sprinkle baking soda all over the affected area. Let sit and pull all moisture out. Vacuum out the car. Place a bowl of vinegar in car and let sit for a few days. Remove and place an air freshener in car (preferbly the one bought for you by the friend who vomitted in your car."

Someone has to be the good citizen and drive the drunk friends home, and most the time it's pretty hilarious. And hey, if they do vomit in your car you might end up with some flowers, a new air freshener, and some candy!

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