Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Why I Love Socks

It has become somewhat of a tradition for me to receive socks as a present during the holidays. I love socks. The cuter they are, the more excited I get. Themed socks, toe socks, even just brightly colored socks, I love them all!
Why do I love socks so much, you ask? The plan truth is, it's COLD! My feet are the skinniest part of my body and I need to protect them from the impending hypothermia and frostbite. No, I don't walk outside in the winter without shoes on, I just live in my Mother's house where the thermostat is set to 62 degrees Fahrenheit on a good day. So I figure, if I have to keep my feet covered and warm, why not do it in style? Socks have become my new accessory, and any lady will tell you, accessories need to be cute.

So, I guess I can thank my Mother for my love of socks and every time Christmas rolls around, I'm sure to have at least one warm present!


John Meyers said...

Technically it's set to 64 during "active" hours and 62 during "inactive" hours. Those just aren't your hours!

OnlyMeyers said...

write something new or I will punch you.