Monday, January 11, 2010

Bud Light recently ran a campaign in which they sold beer cans bearing the colors of four different college football teams. Among those four colleges was my Alma Mater, Virginia Tech. Not being much of a drinker or a huge football fan, I could pretty much care less what the aluminum cans looked like, unless they made cleaning up easier. Nonetheless, I give Anheuser-Busch a thumbs up for good advertising, and the cans actually didn't look too bad.

Even though these cans "carry no third-party logos, names or proprietary identifiers," many people were still getting upset and starting to file complaints with Anheuser-Busch. Among those people were Virginia Tech academic officials. Ultimately, Anheuser-Busch ended their campaign and removed their school colored cans from the shelves. Now, I think it's a shame if only for the reason that if you're going to get me to drink a poopy flavored drink, it would help if it looked pretty, but I digress...

The point I'm trying to make is to Virginia Tech. A school that is a leader in engineering and technology (I mean, come one, we even have TECH in the name) is against a new product that actually helps to promote their school during football games, but they're not against promoting drinking during the long hours students spent studying their lives away in their facilities.

Please note the following image:

That my friends is the math emporium, a warehouse of computers where 99.9% of students have to spend a semester, or more, taking online math courses for their degree. That's all fine and dandy, but please also notice The red Solo cup that sits on the right of every computer. The Solo cups are used as a system so that students who have questions can be picked out amongst the large sea of computers. If you have a question, you simply place your cup on your computer and someone will eventually come around to help you.

Math is hard. Though I luckily only had to take two classes in the awful math emporium, the red Solo cup became my best friend. And I know many other people who thought, and still think, the same thing. So after a hard day of studying, what do you want to do with your best friend? Party, duh!

So, to make a long story short, I have just one suggestion for Virginia Tech: Before you ask a large corporation to remove your colors from their product for enticing people to drink, I advise you to look at our own system and how you are enticing your students to drink. If your classes aren't hard enough, you are giving your students the utensils to drown their sorrows (or in my case just have fun, oh the perks of being a theatre major) with. Just a suggestion.


John Meyers said...

You read too much into this. It's really quite simple: VT got no money from this deal.
You have to pay to play.
Of course there is no trademark associated with mere colors. But that doesn't stop the greedy.

Mrs. 5C said...

I always wondered about the solo cup system. In fact, when our TA told us how to use the solo cup system I accidentally laughed really loudly.

I mean seriously?? It's like they got to the end of designing the emporium and then the enginerds thought... oh... wait a second... this place is too big to ask a question... ummm... well I have all these cups left over from last night...

Mrs. 5C said...

also... no one else thought the solo cup system was as hilarious as I did, so I'm glad you're my sister in law. :)