Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Banana Thief

I signed a lease to my new apartment last week, but for the past three weeks, and until I can finally move my things into the apartment, I have been living with my siblings. My brother and sister-in-law graciously opened their home to me for a place to stay while I transition to Harrisonburg. My brother has the coolest electronics on the planet, and my sister-in-law makes the best food. So to be quiet straight forward, I'm in heaven.

Not only does she make great food, she also steals great food. I came home from work one day to a note left on the kitchen counter...Though she felt a little guilty, she knew she could always pass it off on Gastropod (aka the child inside of her.)Well Caroline, I have news for wont be pregnant forever and the "baby did it" excuse wont work forever.
I thought it was pretty hilarious, but I had to get a picture so I can forever hold it over her head...It might go something like this...
"Hey Caroline...remember that time when you STOLE my banana?!?"


Caroline said...

What? Nonsense! I merely borrowed the banana. Lies. All lies.

Besides, "Baby did it" has worked for Stephen for years. I see no reason why I can't continue to blame baby - even if baby is no longer you :p.

Katharine said...

Initially when I read this I thought Caroline might be making off with bananas from the supermarket. And was shocked. I am glad it was only your banana and not actual petty theft.

Also I miss you.