Friday, September 17, 2010

Sad Day

It's truly a sad day when you go to by a bottle of wine at Kroger and you don't get carded.
When the sign in the store reads, "If you don't look 50, we card for alcohol and tobacco," you start to get a little bummed.
What bums you out more is to think that your Father turned 49 yesterday...He's not even 50!!!

How does this... Look like this....?????

I'm still a YOUNG lady and I would like to be treated as one!
Sad Day.


OnlyMeyers said...

I think that guy had thick mud all over his face that has cracked in the noon day sun.

John Meyers said...

If you really feel the need to get carded then make sure you buy something cheap, something that has a higher alcohol content than average, is cheaper than average, and really doesn't appeal to anyone unless they want to get drunk.
You'll probably get carded then.

Mrs. 5C said...

I think the only reason people still card me is because I get shifty eyes whenever I buy alcohol. Which is ridiculous. Because I've been buying alcohol for almost 7 years now!

And you totally should have been carded. Slacker cashier person!!