Sunday, January 9, 2011

My New Toy

I know this girl who is all about thrifting and bargain hunting. I'm constantly eying her wardrobe while wishing I was a few sizes smaller and lived a few miles closer so we could share outfits. I also visit from time to time and ogle over her pretty home, truly designed on a dime, and hope that when I grow up I can be half the decorator she is. Now, she is one lucky duck for having a Goodwill OUTLET so close to her home, but it takes true gusto for one to brave the endless bins of mostly crap in the hit-or-miss world that is thrifting. Does this chick sound awesome or what? Well, that chick is my sister-in-law, Sarah, and I couldn't be happier!

My mother has always taught me the ways of finding a bargain. "Clearance racks are your friend." "Fifty present off is nothing, wait one more week and it'll be seventy!" To try and grasp the awesomeness that is my mother's coupon clipping skills watch this. No, that is not her, but I have seen her do nearly the same thing probably a hundred times.

Now, the difference between my Mother and my Sister-in-Law is hat my Mother does not do the whole thrifting thing. She likes new things, cheap. Sarah is all about finding treasure in other people's trash. And I'm talking real treasure, who gets Ugg boots for 2 DOLLARS?!? Yeah, Sarah does.

How do I fit into this? How do I not!?! I have two of the best teachers right here in my own family!

Last week I combined all of my lessons learned and made one of the coolest purchases to date:

That's right, I purchased a Canon Rebel SLR camera!
WITH an 18-255mm lens!

I know what you're thinking..."Wow, that's fancy, but what does that have to do with bargains and thrifting."

Well, I got this whole package for...$150!!
Right in my budget range!

The best part? After some awesome research on the interwebs by this guy I learned that the lens alone is valued at $650!! I saved $500 on the lens alone!
I guess my boss' trash truly was a treasure!

Check out that ZOOM!

I'm super giddy and hope to soon get as good as this lady, whom (I think it's whom...that whole who/whom thing throws me...) I'm also proud to call my Sister-in-Law!


yeoldesandwichshoppeva said...

Woot woot! Way to hit all of the bases by linking to multiple family members in one post! I'm still salivating over you lens. I will try to remember to email you all of my photo tutorial sites later tonight. For now, it's Joseph bed time! I LOVE YOU!

Mrs. 5C said...

That is SO EXCITING!!!!!! :):):)
I once had a dream I found something like that at a thrift store for $150. And then we all went boating with parasols and I took pretty pictures. Maybe I was just dreaming about YOUR future camera!
I'm so so so excited for you!!! And maybe slightly extremely jealous.
And I possibly have an inflated ego from your kind words. :) Thank you!

OnlyMeyers said...

Does this mean you'll blog more?