Thursday, April 28, 2011

Country Soap

I have recently developed a slight obsession for Mason/Ball Jars. I feel it's ok to have a slight obsession with something if they have a purpose. Unfortunately, I didn't really have a use for these jars, I just thought they were pretty. (ok, ok...they may have also made me reminisce about the Fort Wilderness Cabins every time I saw one, and who could forget those awesome times!?!)

After a few months of collecting these jars and letting them pile up with no specific purpose, I consulted my good friend, Google, for some advice.

What did the great search engine genie have to say? Lots.

What did I take from it?

I give you my ten minute awesome soap-jar making project!

What you need:
1 Mason jar with lid and ring
1 soap pump
1 hammer, nail, and pair of scissors (one drill can be substituted for all three items, unless your sister-in-law stole your drill)
Step one: drill hole in lid of Mason jar. Make sure the whole is big enough for the pump of the soap bottle to fit snug.

Step two: fill jar with soap

step three: assemble pieces. That means put the lid on the jar!

How super quick was that? And it looks pretty awesome too!


yeoldesandwichshoppeva said...

Oooo! I like it! One step closer to cute country kitchen. I can't wait to see the burlap & windows!

And I promise to give your drill back this weekend. I keep forgetting about it.

Mrs. 5C said...

Good job, Theresa! :) It's super cute!