Wednesday, November 2, 2011


I think it’s safe to say that anyone that has met me knows that I’m a big kid. Peter Pan has nothing on me! It’s pretty darn awesome when you’re childhood toys grow up with you…

Most of my friends here in Midwest Virginia know nothing about this epic game (though they have monuments of it in their backyard), and it's quite unfortunate. For those of you who missed out on your childhood, here is a snippet of what The Game of Cootie is:

"The Game of Cootie is a children's roll-and-move tabletop game for two to four players. The object is to be the first to build a three dimensional bug-like object called a "cootie" from a variety of plastic body parts. Created by William Schaper in 1948, the game was launched in 1949 and sold millions in its first years."
Now that you've been educated, go play it! It's super cool, but I do hope you got your Cootie shot!

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yeoldesandwichshoppeva said...

Maybe we can play it at Mom and Dad's this weekend? Then I can be cool. Do you think they still have it? ;)