Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sister Love

Having two older brothers and no sisters, I grew up in a predominately male household. I loved my childhood and have no few complaints (When playing live action Ninja Turtles with my siblings, I was only ever allowed to play the part of April. I'm still bitter.) I enjoyed playing on an all-male baseball team, playing GI Joes in our basement (with the dubious thought that someone would later play Barbies with me), and building forts with my brothers. I probably could have cared less for being a dummy so my brother Rob could show off his wrestling skills he learned in PE. I can't say being the “robber” in a weird game of “Cops and Robbers” where Stephen tied me to his desk chair, blindfolded me and ran away was the most fun I ever had. And being shoved in a trashcan and forced to sing Oscar the Grouch’s, “I love Trash” before I was let out definitely wasn't one of the highlights of my younger years. However, looking back now, I have to say, those moments sure created character. Right?

I couldn't be more thankful for the relationships I have with my siblings. Don't get me wrong, there were years where we could care less about each other, and my brother's would do anything not to be seen with me. Those times are long gone, for the most part. I love spending the weekends baking and carving crazy Disney sculptures with Rob, or renovating Stephan's house while singing Disney music. Life is good.

You know what's even cooler? My big brothers are married! Female interaction! Girly movies, shopping trips, girly drinks, conversation that doesn't always involve poop. (Don't get me wrong, poop is in my daily vocabulary, but it's nice to act classy every now and again.) Sarah and Caroline are amazing. They have amazing decorating skills, give me lots of babies to play with, find me great bargains, and most importantly, they think I'm cool. (I got them to drink the else would they have agreed to join this crazy family?

My sister's are there for me time and time again, and they frequently do pretty amazing things for me without even a blink. For example, check out this pretty snazzy North Face jacket Sarah bought me.

I'm twice her size, and she still looks out for me at Goodwill outlet. It takes girl power to always be on the lookout for a deal for someone else. That's the snazziest apparel item I own!

A few weeks ago, Caroline came over, looked at my recliner, and proceeded to proudly say, “I am going to reupholster this chair!”

I had reupholstered this chair over a year ago and recently bought a new couch. My living room is slowly becoming pretty chic but that green recliner stuck out like a sore thumb.

So who was I to stop a pregnant lady with a mission?

At girl's night the next week, she covered my chair for me, never once asking for my help. The girl is pretty rockin'. If she didn't already have an amazing talent for photography, and a job doing it, I would encourage her to explore a side job in upholstery.

Thanks for the snazzy new chair, Caroline! More importantly, thanks for putting up with me talking poop with your husband. I love you. (after reading this book, you don't think you're post are that long, do you?)

I'm going to repay my sister-in-law for all their love with free items I get now that I'm an extreme couponer...stay tuned!


Mrs. 5C said...

b) you totally made me get all sappy. I LOVE YOU, TOO!!! I feel SO incredibly lucky that I got a pair of awesome sisters when I married Rob.
also? That recliner TOTALLY ROCKS next to your spiffy new couch!!! Way to go, Caroline!

Caroline Meyers said...

I love you guys too!! I would probably have lost it by now if it weren't for Girl's Night! I'm glad you like your *new* recliner! It definitely fits in now and looks fabulous next to your new couch.

Now... to finish the conspicuously unphotographed back of said recliner... ;)