Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Car recall

I received an email from my father last night notifying me of a safety recall on my 1998 Oldsmobile Intrigue. Now, I felt the need to explore this further to see just what was so unsafe about my car. Exploration on the internet led me to a site explaining the problem: a defect in the steering knuckle.

A crash without warning, huh? I didn't know you had warning for other crashes. I know there are crazy drivers out there, but if we had warning for crashes I feel like there should be a lot less out there. My thought would be "Well, I was warned I would crash today, maybe I should stay off the road."

Well, I sure had a good chuckle when I read the recall, but now I actually have to do something about it. Good thing it's free!

Mark, the name given to my car in high school, is my first car. Though I had to wait for my brother to go through three cars before I got one, I love him, and I'm glad I waited. He has a little extra blessing coming from a priest, and he has been with me through some crazy times: flat tire at my brother's wedding, vomit in the front seat, the front seat flooding in the rain, having the entire car filled with fire wood, countless amounts of furniture loosely secured on the roof, and the list goes on...Hey, he even saved my glasses from being run over, thanks to his vanity spoiler!
I learned how to change oil, tires, and breaks on my car, and he has never failed inspection, so I want to keep him around forever.
I will be sure to get his steering fixed, I don't need a crash, especially without warning!


OnlyMeyers said...

don't forget that "Mark" ran over your camera after Disney World.

Theresa said...

Very true, but that is something I am TRYING to forget.

John Meyers said...

Actually, the recall notice I got is #09047 and deals with oil leaks that could cause a fire. See for details.

Mrs. 5C said...

So you could suddenly crash at any time and THEN be eaten by flames?! I don't like the sound of that...