Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Meyers Dictionary

There is no question that my family has somewhat of its own language. I’m not sure how it starts, but common words or phrases somehow adapt from inside jokes to be included in common conversation, many times repeatedly. My friends have sat in awe, probably more like utter confusion, watching my brother (punk) and I go back and forth just saying simple words like pizza or boo boo toe. You can’t forget, “You smell. Like roses. That have been pooped on.”

The worst part is, after about twenty minutes, my friends start doing it too. It’s pretty hilarious until your friends start calling you poop face and banana phone is used to break awkward silence.

Well, during my recent trip to Disney World a new phrase was added to the Meyers vocabulary, and surprisingly it was not added by my brother! What’s the phrase you ask?


My cousin and I thought the above picture was funny and looked like people were trying to dance. So, everywhere we saw the sign, we had to say it. Now we just say it, well, because.

Only in my family would poop face be and endearing term and pizza be a common greeting. The sad thing is, I always get a good laugh, no matter how old it gets.


The Shoppe Keeper said...

I'm always around and I've never witnessed such a thing. We always speak normal English. Don't lie to your public, Theresa. It's just not nice. :P

Love the new header, by the way.


Mrs. 5C said...

haha!!! and the crazy thing is, Rob and I looked at that same sign on our honeymoon and came up with "No Dancing!" too! We'd very seriously look at each other and say "No Dancing" on each ride. ...or later if we were feeling like German Techno Twins.... "No Tansin".
I think maybe it really IS in the genes!