Sunday, September 20, 2009

Birthday Presents

It's no secret that my family is good at saving money.
It's also no secret that my brother loves Christmas.

Keeping those two well known facts in your head, let me tell you a story of one of the best birthday presents ever.

My birthday is in August, the hottest month of the year. People usually don't associate August with Christmas, and for that matter, they usually don't associate any months other than December and January with Christmas (yes folks, there are twelve days and it runs into January!)

Anyway, after Christmas shopping is big in my family, who can really resist the bargains? Well, in January of 2008, my brother certainly couldn't pass up the super sale on candy canes....a box of sixteen for 10 cents!! Naturally, he bought 36 boxes of them. Stephen knows how to shop for bargains, but coming from the kid who plays Christmas music in July and tries to keep the tree up all year, this was extra magical.

What is one to do with 36 boxes of candy canes after the Christmas season? Give them to your sister as a birthday present, DUH! That's right folks, I received 576 candy cans for my birthday (along with a digital camera which was beyond awesome) Now, I did receive them in February on my half birthday, but it was still a complete shock and many laughs were shared as I lugged a boxes upon boxes of candy canes throughout my apartment.

Well, it's over a year and a half later and I know you're curious as to where those candy canes are now. most were donated to a summer camp I worked at last summer for their holiday themed week, but I did save some for myself, and I will tell you, you sure get some interesting looks when you walk into work on a warm September evening sucking on a candy cane!

Thanks Stephen, you sure now how to spread holiday cheer!


Caroline said...

He can hardly wait for Christmas already. He thinks that since Kohls has their Christmas decorations out, so should we. NOT UNTIL AFTER THANKSGIVING. Do not encourage him! :) Although the candy canes were pretty awesome!

OnlyMeyers said...

The lady at the checkout said she was going to buy some for her horse. I guess horses like candy canes as well. Then again, it was at about 3AM, so I may have been hearing things.

OnlyMeyers said...