Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Power Baking?

There is no question that baking makes me happy. I'm the first to the kitchen when I spot a new recipe, and despite having three aprons, I'm always covered in flour. While some are never without the essential bread and milk, I always make sure I'm stocked in flour and sugar, and I may just have some friends because I fill them with sugary delights.

Now that I live on my own and the kitchen is at my disposal, I have been receiving new kitchen gadgets and decorations every holiday. I LOVE kitchen stuff. Most people window shop for the cutest shoes or purse, but I'm the gal you find drooling over the newest baking dish in Williams-Sonoma, and I find nothing wrong with that.

What's the coolest thing I have received? My Kitchen aid mixer, no doubt.
The strangest thing I have received? My Black and Decker Hand Mixer.

When I think Black and Decker, I think power tools. I think speed, intensity, and just plain mean machines. When I opened this hand mixer on Christmas, I was a bit surprised but intrigued nonetheless.

Looks pretty normal, huh? Well my friends, looks can be deceiving.

Turns out, My assumptions regarding Black and Decker are correct for ALL their products, not just power tools (though this might as well be considered one). When I used the mixer for the first time, I made a mess. Not a typical Theresa mess (which I assure you is pretty large), but a HUGE MESS. The mixer has ten settings, and the lowest setting sounds like a jet engine.

Needless to say, the mixer has not been used since the Kitchen aid was received, but I just can't bring myself to part with it. I never know when I might need to drill a beater sized hole in concrete or mix a swimming pool sized bowl of dough in five minutes. So, though I wouldn't recommend this product for normal kitchen practices, I would certainly recommend it for some good laughs, and BIG messes.


Caroline said...

I think it might work well if you had a really big bowl with really high sides... because then all of the splatter would stay INSIDE of the bowl.

love in other words said...

i have both a kitchen aid stand and hand mixer - and i find that whenever i use the hand mixer i still manage to make a colossal mess - so i think that i should probably steer well clear of the black and decker :)