Monday, November 16, 2009

The Incredible (Sometimes Edible) Egg

When you've recently graduated from college and have a full time job but all your friends are still in school, what do you do with your time when they're at rehearsals?

Trust me, I have tried the "normal" routine of my mother, and I do like sleeping, but I can't take multiple naps a day.
I have also tried the "normal" routines of my siblings but I just don't own a house that I can fix up.
And, I've also tried the "normal" routine of my father, but I just don't know enough about computers.

BUT, I CAN spend multiple hours in the kitchen, I DO have a kitchen that I can clean up when I'm done, and I DO know a lot about food. So, I decided to hold an experiment! A friend (a fellow recent graduate still in the grips of Blacksburg collegiate life) and I decided this past week to find out what happens when you place an egg in the microwave.

First, we made predictions.
My prediction: the shell would crack and the egg would ooze out
His prediction: the egg would cook and expand eventually cracking the egg.

Second, we conducted the experiment.

Finally, the outcome.

Yes, we were both wrong (though his prediction was a little closer than mine)....IT EXPLODED! I ran for my life when the egg popped while my friend stood calm, cool, and collected watching the egg goo fly. Good thing he's in the Army and not me!

Though I can't say this will be a normal routine for me, I can say that it was super fun. (Or maybe we just needed an excuse to the clean the microwave.)

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Mrs. 5C said...

You are fabulous. And that is good to know. :)