Monday, December 14, 2009

thankful catastrophe

This past week I became really thankful I no longer live with my parents. As stated in a previous post, my mother keeps the heat in their house anywhere from 62-64 degrees, even in the dead of winter! My roommates are a little more generous, or just have normal body circulation, and we keep our house at a good 70 degrees. (though lately I have been begging them to turn it down from 75. I'm not used to heat, so I can only deal with so much.)

We had a few days of high winds last week and one of the casualties of those gusts was my poor window. I'm thankful I was not lying in my bed when the entire window, frame and all, came crashing down, but it sure didn't help that the weather outside was in the twenties! I was able to wedge the window back in a bit and sleep fairly comfortably through the night. :)

All was well until there was frost on the inside of my window the next morning.

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