Sunday, February 28, 2010

Big Baby

It's no question I'm a big kid. I like to say I have a simple mind and a big heart. I take pleasure in the small things and try to just have fun in all life's adventures. Who would have known I'm also a big baby? (no wise cracks on sucking my thumb, family!)

Recently, I was given the task of making favors for my sister-in-law's baby shower. It seemed like a daunting task, but I was excited nonetheless. I got to bring out my creative side and make something people would keep for some time to come. After much deliberation and walks through the craft store, I decided upon baby food candles! It was cheap, creative, and useful! How could I lose?

Now, I'm not big on wasting food. There is no question I love to eat, and I will always try to use all the food I have before throwing it away (with the exception of corn and raisins). With this task of baby food candles, I had 24 jars of baby food on my hands. Yes it's pureed, but it's still food! What was I going to do?

Only what the big kid inside of me would do...

Have a baby food eating extravaganza!
I got together with some friends and we tried 12 different types of baby food and while eating we tried to guess what each pureed food was.

I now know why kids hate vegetables. Even though the ingredients said peas and water, it certainly did NOT taste like peas. I guess it made me thankful for the teeth I have and the ability to chew my own vegitables.

So now I can say I guess I'm a big baby too.