Monday, March 29, 2010


When I was younger, Disney World used to be home to an animation Studio in the theme park formerly known as MGM Studios. The studio has since then moved itself to Anaheim California and the building is used for little more than a meet-and-greet and drawing lessons, though both exciting nonetheless.

My family and I used to take tours of the studio and sometimes we were able to see animators in action. Back then, I could have cared less about the animators. What drew my attention (Pun intended) was the desks of the animators. They were decked out from top to bottom in toys. That's right: fun action figures, stuffed animals, and collectibles lined the desks of the animation studio. Why you ask? For inspiration and fun at work, of course! When the animators had animators block or were at a loss of ideas, they didn't need the internet for a pick-me-up, they had their desks!

While walking those halls a few years ago, I told myself that if I ever grew up and had a desk of my own, I would bring in inspiration. Well, I can't say that I have grown up, but I do have a desk of my own and I have decided to fill it with things that make me happy. It's a plan in process, but I'm making progress all while making myself smile.

This face can be seen on me on a daily basis.

I called my Dad the other day to tell him how silly I was for bringing toys to work. His response, you ask? "Theresa, have you seen my desk?" His desk has quite a few inspirational objects with a Peanuts theme. So Dad, since you weren't surprised, I thought I would show you what else is on my desk in language I don't understand, but I think it's geeky nonetheless!


Mrs. 5C said...

I love it!
I have a bulletin board at work full of funny office notes people have written me.
a sticky with "Please don't drop me in the toilet" that I found attached to my cell phone one day (after dropping it's predecessor in the toilet) is the highlight.
Your desk is way awesomer though. ;)

John Meyers said...

I'll translate for you when I see you this weekend.

Katharine said...

I love your desk!! : )