Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Itch

My Sister-in-Law have awesome blogs in which they take their fellow readers through adventures of redecorating and renovations of their beautiful homes. I love reading, and seeing, their accomplishments and sometimes I get "the itch."

What's the itch?" Have you ever watched the Food Network and felt the need to get up and cook a five course meal for yourself? Have you ever watched a movie that made you want to get out and change the world? Have you ever listen to a song that made you want to get up and start dancing? If you answered yes to any, or all, of those questions, you have experienced "the itch." Congratulations.

I have been pushing my itch to redecorate down for some time now, but it finally boiled over. I'm renting an apartment, not quite at the stage (mostly financially) in my life for a big fancy house like my siblings, and I can't see pouring tons of money into something that I don't even own. But I still want to decorate!
So, long story short, I finally did!

When I moved into the apartment, I was lacking some essential furniture, one of which was a dinning room set. My gracious siblings gave me a table and chairs and permission to change to my liking. Three months later I did just that!

I'm not a huge fan of weird looking green grapes and leaves on my dining room chairs. It's a little gaudy. I guess I'm not Greek! And the room as a whole is a little bland.
Check out this fabric! gross.

Who says you can't Design on a Dime. Wait, isn't that a show?

after a little spray paint and some stapling...voila!

Add some linens and pictures, and it looks brand new. And pretty snazzy!

Left over fabric in the picture frames? Don't mind if I do!

Now, my place can never compare to all the awesome things my siblings have done, but it finally feels like me. And the most important thing (next to it being cheap) I had FUN!!


Mrs. 5C said...

THERESA!!! It looks MARVELOUS!! That fabric is gorgeous, and the dining room makeover is fabulous! !! !!

yeoldesandwichshoppeva said...

THAT LOOKS 1000 TIMES BETTER!! Great job missy! I love that fabric! Very pretty! The black really makes that set look so much better. If you wanted to remove the grapes and grape leaves, you could probably trim them off with wire cutters or something, but just being painted black makes them look super awesome!

OnlyMeyers said...

"after a little spray paint and some stapling...viola!" my favorite stringed instrument!

Looks really good. I'll have to drop by some day.

Theresa said...

I was just making you feel better about your horrible spelling, Stephen.

Martha Sales said...

Theresa, I love what you did with your dining room set!