Monday, June 21, 2010

Adventure is Out There!

My blog was created before the movie hit the market, and though I know that none of those Pixar guys ever read my blog, I can't help but feel that this movie was made for me and my blog.
My adventure book may not be filled with a rainbow, female bird named Kevin. It may not have stories of houses floating on balloons, and it definitely doesn't have a talking dog wearing the cone of shame. But you know the sappy part in the movie where Mr Fredrickson opens the adventure book and finally notices all the pictures between his childhood and Paradise Falls? That's the part my blog has. The adventures that lead to the happy ending.
I may take periodic sabbaticals from writing in this thing, but my life is never short of adventures.
I think I found my new catch phrase! Adventure is Out There!


Mrs. 5C said...

... you know... the sappy part where Sarah gets all choked up and then feels dumb because she's twenty seven years old and crying over a Disney movie... ;)

Life IS an adventure! I agree

yeoldesandwichshoppeva said...

Cone of Shame!

OnlyMeyers said...

I really liked the part where mr fredrickson


i don't remember anymore...