Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Birfday Surprise

Anyone who says they don't like surprises is lying. There is something about unexpected acts of kindness and love that make a girl happy. Who doesn't love the fact that someone took time out of their day to make you smile?

Well, my 23rd birthday was recently, ( I know, I'm SO old) and the night before, I came home to an exciting surprise waiting for me.

A scavenger hunt!!!

Once the brief moment of panic for fear that someone had broken into my house had subsided, I was nothing but smiles!

And it led to the ultimate yummy surprise!
(I think my coworkers may love Caroline more than me.)

Did I mention she also did my dishes!?!

Thank you Caroline (and Joseph)! I love you!

Caroline, the brains behind the surprise blogged about her experience here. I had full intentions of blogging before she did, mostly because she asked me to, but I failed. Miserably.

Side note: Don't forget to clean up ALL clues before cooking. This afternoon, I slightly toasted a clue inside my oven.