Sunday, June 17, 2012


In honor of Father's day, this post is for the best editor I know. The man who shook his head at many of my school papers yet helped edit them nonetheless. The man who was my dictionary till I learned what one was (and was forced to use it.) Thanks for being my spellchecker, thesaurus, dictionary, and most importantly, father. I love you, Dad!

What I found in  our local paper:

I wonder if the editor has a college degree...? Maybe from JMU?
(My grammar is terrible, so I give myself points for finding this one.)


John Meyers said...

Every word costs them money, so they minimize the total word count.
They are probably using "headline" style which is about quick phrases rather than complete sentences.
Of course (pun intended), it does make you wonder about the classes.

theresa meyers said...

Every word costs money, but does every letter? I'd pay the extra few cents to put the "o" in there.

Mrs. 5C said...

That is awesome! I totally think they messed up on this one. :)